Pride and Prejudice PDF Download & Read Online [eBook]

Pride and Prejudice PDF

This romance book was published in three volumes anonymously in 1813. The blossoming connection between Elizabeth Bennet, the daughter of a country gentleman, and Fitzwilliam Darcy, a rich aristocratic landowner, is the focus of this classic of English literature, written with cutting wit and exquisite character portrayal. Jane Austen authored this novel, and it was originally published on January 28, […]

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Leaves Of Grass PDF Download & Read Online [eBook]

Leaves Of Grass PDF

Leaves of Grass is a song of the American confederation of states written by Wait Whitman. It is a collection of poems with more than 300 poems. It was first published in 1855 with only 12 poems. Whitman’s poetry produces waterfalls of words that flow and flutter like blades of ripe. It is a rolling cascade of language that entrances […]

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Lamb to the Slaughter PDF Download & Read Online [eBook]

The death of police investigator Patrick Maloney by her wife Mary is the subject of this short story. After her partner’s unexpected declaration that he’s abandoning her and their unborn baby drives her to homicide, Mary immediately regains her composure after murdering him with the leg of Lamb. This book was authored by Roald Dahl, a Norwegian-born British novelist, storyteller, […]

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OF Mice and Men PDF Download & Read Online [eBook]

Of Mice and Men PDF

Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, is a poignant story of a friendship between two men set in the United States during the Great Depression of the 1930s. The book, which is subtly characterized, speaks to working-class Americans’ true hopes and dreams. Its powerful ending is climactic and stunning to the utmost. However, we also come to terms with […]

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The Most Dangerous Game PDF Free Download & Read Online

A big-game hunter from New York City falls from a yacht and swims to what appears to be an abandoned and secluded Caribbean Island, where a Russian aristocrat pursues him. The plot is based on the popular big-game hunting expeditions in Africa and South America during the 1920s, which were particularly popular among wealthy Americans. This short story is told […]

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The Crucible PDF Free Download & Read Online [eBook]

The Crucible PDF

The Crucible is an American play written by Arthur Miller in 1953. It is a dramatized and somewhat fictionalized account of the Salem witch trials, which took place in 1692–93 in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The Crucible is a popular play that chronicles the Salem Witch Trials and is written during the McCarthy era in the United States. Miller effectively […]

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Fahrenheit 451 PDF Free Download & Read Online

This novel stands as a masterpiece of writings set in a gloomy, dystopian future sixty years after its first publication. Its message has never been more pertinent than it is now. Ignorance and conformity are recurring themes in this work. The fight between man’s quest for knowledge and distinctiveness in a community that seeks ignorance and conformity is explored in […]

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Goodnight Moon PDF Free Download & Read Online

Goodnight Moon PDF

The peaceful poetry of the words and the beautiful, lulling artwork combine to provide a suitable book for the end of the day in this classic of children’s literature, treasured by generations of readers and listeners. This book was authored by Margaret Wise Brown and depicted by Clement Hurd. It is a well-known bedtime story that was first published on […]

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David Copperfield PDF Free Download & Read Online

David Copperfield PDF

A life experience of a man named Davide Copperfield who shares the personal history, experience, and observation of David Copperfield also known as the Younger of Blunderstone Rookery. This book provides long-term details on the adventures in his journey passing through several problems from infancy to maturity. Readers find themselves inside the story, once they have started reading the book. […]

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The Name Of The Rose PDF Free Download & Read Online

The Name Of The Rose PDF

One of the hardest books of Umberto Eco, an Italian writer of fiction, essays, academic texts, and children’s books. This contemporary classical book takes you through a world of intrigues, mystery, and crime during the middle ages. The storyline is captivating and enriched by numerous interesting characters. The author manages to compile history, mystery, theology, and detective work rolled into […]

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