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Of Mice and Men PDF

Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, is a poignant story of a friendship between two men set in the United States during the Great Depression of the 1930s. The book, which is subtly characterized, speaks to working-class Americans’ true hopes and dreams.

Its powerful ending is climactic and stunning to the utmost. However, we also come to terms with the tragedy of life. Life goes on, despite the pains of those who live it. We are bringing the Of Mice and Men PDF Free Download file to our website for a free read.Of Mice and Men PDF Free Download

OF Mice and Men PDF Summary:

Of Mice and Men opens with two employees who are traveling the nation on foot to find work. George is a pessimistic, irrational individual. George looks after Lennie, his buddy, and treats him as if he were a sibling. Lennie is a massive man with amazing power, but he suffers from a mental illness that causes him to be sluggish to learn and almost childlike.

Because Lennie stroked a woman’s garment and was accused of rape, George and Lennie had to depart the last town. The book’s literary strength is the primary relationship between the two central characters, their friendship, and their shared dream. These two men are so dissimilar, but they come together, stay together, and support each other in a world where there are so many homeless and lonely people.

Their fraternity and fellowship are tremendous human achievements. In some ways, this is a classic novel in which the story depicts a small group of people’s dreams before juxtaposing them with an unattainable reality they cannot realize. Despite the fact that the dream never comes true, John Steinbeck leaves us with a positive message.

OF Mice and Men PDF Features:

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