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Pride and Prejudice PDF

This romance book was published in three volumes anonymously in 1813. The blossoming connection between Elizabeth Bennet, the daughter of a country gentleman, and Fitzwilliam Darcy, a rich aristocratic landowner, is the focus of this classic of English literature, written with cutting wit and exquisite character portrayal.

Jane Austen authored this novel, and it was originally published on January 28, 1813. Jane Austen was indeed an internationally acclaimed English writer who is most known for her six main novels that interpret, criticize, and remark on the lives of the British noble families in the late 18th century. We are bringing Pride and Prejudice PDF Free Download to our website with high-quality textures.

Pride and Prejudice PDF Free Download

Pride and Prejudice PDF Summary:

This novel is set in rural England at the start of the nineteenth century and features the Bennet family, which consists of five extremely different sisters. Jane, the eldest, is a sweetheart with a gentle demeanor. She is a confidante and friend to her sister Elizabeth.

Elizabeth, the novel’s protagonist, is bright and vivacious. She shares her father’s contempt for society’s traditional notions of the importance of riches and status. Mary, the third daughter, is unattractive, bookish, and arrogant, while Lydia and Kitty, the two youngest, seem to be feisty and immature.

Jane Austen’s brilliant wit gleams as her actors dance a subtle quadrille of flirting and treachery, making this the finest comedy of manners in Regency England. This Classic book depicts the life of British people in the 19th century. Although the language is a bit hard to understand, 11-12 years age children can also understand it.

Pride and Prejudice PDF Features:

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