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The Name Of The Rose PDF

One of the hardest books of Umberto Eco, an Italian writer of fiction, essays, academic texts, and children’s books. This contemporary classical book takes you through a world of intrigues, mystery, and crime during the middle ages. The storyline is captivating and enriched by numerous interesting characters.

The author manages to compile history, mystery, theology, and detective work rolled into one book. The mystery grips you from the start and philosophical discussions are at the core of this book. Though it is a very provoking and deep book yet the end is very pessimistic. It’s filled with the idea of various disciplines, theology, and medieval history. We are bringing The Name Of The Rose PDF in all formats on our website for a free read.

The Name Of The Rose PDF Free Download

The Name Of The Rose PDF Summary:

This book is opened with a third person, probably the author himself discovering a manuscript relating the events that unfolded in a Benedictine abbey located in northern Itlay. This manuscript was written and narrated by Adso of Melk, a Benedictine novice monk who is assisting a Franciscan friar, William of Baskerville.

Set in 1327, Adso and William were to attend a theological disputation in the said Benedictine monastery. However, upon their arrival, they were greeted by the news of the monk’s death. William Baskerville was tasked by the monastery’s abbot to investigate the murders that took place in the monastery. Williams’s innate curiosity, highly developed skills, powers of logic, and deduction provide the keys to unraveling the abbey’s mysteries.

This Mystery Book story has a dark shadowy atmosphere that encompasses fear, murders, mystery, and passion, where abbots cannot be trusted and monks are not always what they seem. The beginning can be quite slow, as William and Adso focus on the papal delegation that has come to the monastery to meet, hearing of a death, they offer their assistance before the delegation arrives.

The Name Of The Rose PDF Features:

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