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Leaves Of Grass PDF

Leaves of Grass is a song of the American confederation of states written by Wait Whitman. It is a collection of poems with more than 300 poems. It was first published in 1855 with only 12 poems. Whitman’s poetry produces waterfalls of words that flow and flutter like blades of ripe.

It is a rolling cascade of language that entrances with its steady rhythm. The writer attempts to capture the world he is surrounded by, and we get glimpses of hills, people, rivers, deserts, and fields as he explores. If you are gaining curiosity and interest, we are bringing the Leaves Of Grass PDF free download file to our website for free.

Leaves Of Grass PDF Free Download

Leaves Of Grass PDF Summary:

This poetry book is about a visionary, mystic, vagabond, patriot, nationalist, and revolutionary man who keeps dreaming in his way, weaving the dreams of America and the American nation whose foundations lay deep into the earth. Sometimes holding the hands of a stranger, he tells the tales of America.

The cryptic moments make it fascinating; its prophetic moments make it a favorite for magical-minded people, and its language makes it unforgettable. The semantic construction of the poet grows like a carpet of Bentgrass over gently rolling hills. Leaves of the grass play a vital role not only in the history of American poetry but also in the history of literature.

It is a masterpiece that has ushered in the new age of American national poetry. The poet sings just like a vagabond, a gypsy sitting on the green grass and piping the song, nursing the fallen soldiers of the civil wars, hearing their pain, reminding the contribution of those who have built, searched, and discovered human knowledge and wisdom and widening the spectrum of thought.

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