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The death of police investigator Patrick Maloney by her wife Mary is the subject of this short story. After her partner’s unexpected declaration that he’s abandoning her and their unborn baby drives her to homicide, Mary immediately regains her composure after murdering him with the leg of Lamb.

This book was authored by Roald Dahl, a Norwegian-born British novelist, storyteller, and screenwriter who came to fame in the 1940s with writings for both children and adults, becoming one of the world’s bestselling authors. This book was published in September 1953. We are bringing the Lamb to the Slaughter PDF Free Download to our website with high-quality fonts and textures.

Lamb to the Slaughter PDF Free Download

Lamb to the Slaughter PDF Summary:

As the narrative begins, Mary Maloney is expecting her hubby Patrick to return home from work. She’s gathered the ingredients for Patrick’s nightly cocktail and switched on the lamp next to his chair. The narrative does not reveal Patrick’s exact remarks, but he appears to be planning to divorce his pregnant wife.

Patrick’s statements startle Mary, but she falls into denial for a moment, believing that if she just behaved normally, the problem would go away. Mary decides to cook dinner herself, so she takes a frozen leg of Lamb from the cellar freezer. He tells her not to cook dinner when she returns with the meat since he is going out.

After Patrick reveals his plan, Mary walks behind him and hits him in the head with the leg of the Lamb, which causes the death of her husband. This classic book is depicted in the way of an investigative and shocking story. Hence, many authors have reviewed this story as an astonishing one. Reader’s discrimination is applicable here due to the use of violent content.

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