Download Monster by Walter Dean Myers PDF & eBook

Monster by Walter Dean Myers PDF

We know that young adults love to watch Mystery and Drama Novels, therefore we are presenting a Monster book written by American author Walter Dean Myers and later published by Amistad publishing on 5th March 2019. It is based on a crime story that follows the life of Sixteen-year-old Steve Harmon during the accident where he was present when the […]

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Download Gone Girl PDF & eBook

Gone Girl PDF

Gone Girl book is counted on the top of the list in the New York Times best-seller written by one of the most famous writers Gillion Flynn. She has always won the hearts of their followers by providing worthy content at an advanced level. This book states how marriage went terribly, terribly wrong. For this reason, the arrivalĀ of suspense inside […]

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The Fault in Our Stars PDF Free Download & Read Online

The Fault in Our Stars PDF Free Download

Cancer is a quite common and most dangerous disease in the world. Hazel Grace Lancaster is 16 years old girl who was suffering from thyroid cancer. Once she attends the cancer support group at her mother’s behest, where she meets with Augustus Waters who is 17 years old. Augustus suffered osteosarcoma which took his leg. Both the patients fall in […]

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The Name Of The Rose PDF Free Download & Read Online

The Name Of The Rose PDF

One of the hardest books of Umberto Eco, an Italian writer of fiction, essays, academic texts, and children’s books. This contemporary classical book takes you through a world of intrigues, mystery, and crime during the middle ages. The storyline is captivating and enriched by numerous interesting characters. The author manages to compile history, mystery, theology, and detective work rolled into […]

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Me Before You PDF Free Download & Read Online

Me Before You PDF

The Me Before You PDF tells the story of a girl named Louisa Clark, who is 26 years old and living an exceedingly ordinary life. Lou’s life changes when she meets the love of her life Will Traynor who got paralyzed due to an accident. This story tells us about the love and affection of the two love birds, which […]

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The Maid PDF Free Download & Read Online

The Maid PDF

This is Nita Prose’s short-but-memorable crime novel named The Maid PDF which is such an enjoyable read and an interesting story with unexpected suspense and bite. You had never seen a ‘heartwarming’ used to describe a murder mystery before. This book has got user ratings of 3.90 out of 5 and is currently No.3 in the Irish Times and No.10 […]

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The Thursday Murder Club PDF Free Download

The Thursday Murder Club PDF is an excellent piece of writing by Richard Osman, the TV presenter. The flow is polite, convivial, and reassuring. The narrator of this book takes you through all the intriguing facets. This book became a craving among people when they get to know that the writer is Richard Osman, knowledgeable, witty, erudite, amusing, and well-spoken. […]

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The Paris Apartment PDF Free Download

An outstanding story about the fortune of an employee named April Vogt who was Sotheby’s auctioneer. April was tasked with selling the antiques and valuables that were found in that apartment which was unoccupied for 70 years. However, the past storyline revolves around Marthe de Florian, who passed away after the apartment was opened for her as its heir. While […]

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Red White & Royal Blue PDF Free Download

Red White & Royal Blue PDF

The story is about LGBT, a guy named Alex Claremont-Diaz who is the son of the first female president of the US and readying himself for re-election in 2020. The novel gained complimentary reviews, especially for its showcasing of gay relationships. McQuiston has strength in her dialogues and her rich well-drawn characters made this novel of premium quality. This novel […]

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The Action Bible PDF Free Download

The Action Bible PDF

This anthology comprehends 215 Bible stories in one comic book written, edited by Doug Mauss, and illustrated by Sergio Cariello. The book has done an excellent job in designing the characters and featuring a captivating, up-to-date art piece, which helps you to visualize the characteristics of the disciples. This is a riveting amalgamation of clear writing and dramatic images that […]

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