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Monster by Walter Dean Myers PDF Free Download

We know that young adults love to watch Mystery and Drama Novels, therefore we are presenting a Monster book written by an American author Walter Dean Myers and later published by Amistad publishing on 5th March 2019.

It is based on a crime story that follows the life of Sixteen-year-old Steve Harmon during the accident where he was present when the owner of a Harlem drugstore was shot and killed in front of his eyes. Very suspension story, most of the good reviews from the readers, that’s why we are bringing Monster by Walter Dean Myers PDF Free Download on our website with well-written text.

Monster by Walter Dean Myers PDF Summary:

The story begins with Sixteen-year-old Steve Harmon on a trial for murder. This novel is written like a movie script and the suspense that is Steve guilty or innocent. Now he is the pawn in the hand of the system and forced to think about what will happen if he spends all day in prison.

After this horrifying event that entangles him, Steve is an amateur filmmaker. Therefore, he decided to convert his trial into a script to compare it with the movies. The script includes all of his life, he writes it all down scene by scene, the story of his whole life, the reality is blurred and his vision obscured until he can no know who he is or what is the truth.

This book has won several awards but its got mixed interception from the readers and the followers of Walter Dean Myers. Monster by Walter Dean Myers PDF received several awards some of which are the National Book Award for Young People’s Literature finalist in 1999, the Boston Globe-Horn Book Award nominee for Fiction in 1999, and the Michael L. Printz Award in 2000. Find out more Mystery Books in PDF format on our website for a free read.

Monster by Walter Dean Myers PDF Features:

  • You can download Monster by Walter Dean Myers PDF with high-quality fonts from Free Novel Books PDF
  • This book has 281 pages and got an impressive user score of 3.73 on Goodreads

Download Monster by Walter Dean Myers PDF:

Download Monster by Walter Dean Myers PDF by clicking on the below button. Also, get an ePub of this book for free and read it online as well.


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