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The Maid PDF

This is Nita Prose’s short-but-memorable crime novel named The Maid PDF which is such an enjoyable read and an interesting story with unexpected suspense and bite. You had never seen a ‘heartwarming’ used to describe a murder mystery before.

This book has got user ratings of 3.90 out of 5 and is currently No.3 in the Irish Times and No.10 in the New York Times. It was also placed on the German Original Fiction chart and reached No.1. We are bringing The Maid PDF Free Download with high-quality textures in all formats for a free read.

The Maid PDF Free Download

The Maid PDF Free Download

The Maid PDF Summary:

Molly a 25-year-old girl is shown as a maid at the Regency Grand Hotel and she loves her job. She adores nothing more than to return a dirty hotel room to a state of perfection. Simplicity but unfortunately, for Molly, her attention doesn’t extend to understanding social cues or knowing the complexities of relationships. That is why she is called a “weirdo” by her co-workers who don’t appreciate her boundless desire.

One afternoon, when she enters the penthouse suite at the Regency Grand hotel to return it to perfection, she finds the most prized hotel guest, Mr. Black collapsed in his bed, dead and murdered. Molly then finds herself the prime suspect in the murder and in the swirling scandal which is threatening not only her own livelihood but also the reputation of the hotel that she adores.

This Mystery Book is such a pleasure to read that most of the readers got sad when it ended. Nita Prose does a grandiose job of building this small but complete world. Even the secondary characters from the cranky landlords to the weary but sagacious hotel managers are memorable and interesting. It’s also refreshing to meet the character Douglas Adams, who just wants to make everything orderly again.

The Maid PDF Features:

  • We are bringing The Maid PDF Free Download to Novel Books PDFs with high-quality fonts
  • This book has 304 pages and got an excellent user score of 3.90 on Goodreads

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