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Me Before You PDF

The Me Before You PDF tells the story of a girl named Louisa Clark, who is 26 years old and living an exceedingly ordinary life. Lou’s life changes when she meets the love of her life Will Traynor who got paralyzed due to an accident. This story tells us about the love and affection of the two love birds, which changed their lives in many effective ways.

Hence, God has giveth humans numerous feelings. Moreover, love and affection are the strongest and most prominent feelings as prescribed by the author. The writer of this book is Jojo Moyes published on January 5, 2012, with sequential series published after this book. This is a very productive book to read, therefore we are bringing Me Before You PDF Free Download to our website for a free read.

Me Before You PDF Free Download

Me Before You PDF Summary:

This book is a well-meaning romance with a sad ending. By means of that, Traynor the guy who was cherished by the love of Louise Clark dies leaving behind a huge inheritance to Clark’s name. Louise Clark was living a life of simplicity before meeting with Will Traynor. She used to work in a standard tea shop and after losing her job, she got hired by Will Traynor as his new caretaker.

Lou was a jolly and bubbly young person who loved her job. Whereas, Will Traynor was a rich man but was devastatingly paralyzed in the accident and lost all the opportunities for success that he wanted to pursue in his life. After realizing his big plans for Will, Lou gradually started loving Will. She used to uplift the morale of Will without any conditions.

The love and affection between the two love birds explain the actual meaning of peace and harmony to the readers. Mostly, positive responses from the readers are received and the book is in the ranking of Goodreads. The overall rating of the book is 4.26 out of 5. In conclusion, it is a highly recommended Drama book if you want to have a joyful reading experience. As well, this is a true story inspired by the life of Jojo Moyes herself.

Me Before You Book PDF Features:

  • We are bringing Me Before You PDF Free Download to our website with high-quality fonts
  • The Book has 480 readable pages with a rating of 4.3 on Goodreads

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