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Who moved my cheese pdf is Spencer Johnson’s landmark work and motivating business story, An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and Your Life, which was published on September 8, 1998.

The text discusses how people react to large changes in their job and lives, as well as four typical reactions to those adjustments by two mice and two “Little people” while on the hunt for “cheese.”

When it was first published, who moved my cheese pdf download was a New York Times business bestseller. It was on the list for nearly five years and spent over 200 weeks on the hardback nonfiction list of Publishers Weekly. It has sold over 26 million copies in 37 languages and is still one of the greatest business books.

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Who moved my cheese Summary: 

Most people are afraid of change, both personal and professional because they have little control over how or when it occurs. Because change occurs either to or by the individuals, Dr. Spencer Johnson, creator of the multimillion-selling The One Minute Manager, uses a remarkably simple scenario to demonstrate that when it comes to surviving in a quickly changing world, your perspective is what matters most.

In who moved my cheese pdf ebook download there are four characters: two mice, “Sniff” and “Scurry,” and two little people, human metaphors, “Hem” and “Haw.” They live in a maze, which represents one’s surroundings, and seek cheese, which represents happiness and prosperity.

Without cheese at first, each group, mice, and humans coupled up and explored the long halls in search of cheese. One day, both groups discover a cheese-filled hallway known as “Cheese Station C.” Content with their discovery, the people develop rituals centered on their daily consumption of cheese, gradually becoming arrogant in the process.

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Who Moved My Cheese Author: Spencer Johnson

Born: December 22, 1960 (age 60 years)

Spencer Johnson


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