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White Fang:

White Fang is a novel written by Jack London and published in 1906. It is an adventure novel that is the successor to the book The Call of the Wild.

White Fang Novel:

There are a lot of themes explained in this book, such as redemption and morality. After its release in 1906, the book was adapted into a movie in 1925. Since its publishing, the book has been very popular in cinema.

White Fang book

White Fang Summary:

White Fang’s book summary begins with two men, who are going to deliver Lord Alfred’s coffin to a town nearby, with their sled dog. The story comes into action when a pack of wolves follows these men and eats one of the men and the dog. However, a search party comes to rescue these men and saves Henry, who is one of the men. This pack has lost its last prey.

This is the time of famine. There is a she-wolf, who gives birth to five cubs. All of them die except one, who is White Fang. The she-wolf’s mate is killed by a lynx and she is left alone with her cub to fend for herself and the child.

Later, she kills the lynx’s kittens to feed her child and also kills the lynx. During this kill, she suffers injuries. White Fang is the main character in the story, who is born as a wolf-dog in the wild. However, he gets civilized and more like a dog, as he is domesticated by Gray Beaver.

White Fang Characters:

  • White Fang
  • Henry
  • Bill
  • Kiche
  • One Eye
  • Gray Beaver
  • Lip-Lip
  • Mit-Sah
  • Beauty Smith 

White Fang: Jack London

Born:  January 12, 1876

jack london

Died: November 22, 1916

White Fang PDF Download:

White Fang’s novel book download will give you insight into the writer’s life. It is somehow an allegorical account of the author’s life from a teenage hoodlum to a writer. You can find White Fang PDF and White Fang Ebook online. White Fang’s book download was adapted into a film, for the first time, in 1925, Get more books from Helo Novels.

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