war and peace
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War and Peace is a book from Russia which is written by the famous author Leo Tolstoy. This book has been regarded as one of his most important literary achievements of all time. it was published in 1869 and is quite an extensive book.

war and peace

In the book, the author talked about the invasion of Russia by the French and how it had an impact on the Napoleon era during the existence of the Tsarist society. With War and Peace free download, you will be able to read the full book.

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War and Peace Summary:

The War and Peace novel summary cannot be small since there are four books in one. War and Peace book starts in Saint Petersburg where the main characters are introduced to the reader. Some of the main characters are Pierre, who is dying but is quite rich.

He does not find it easy to socialize with others in society as he has been educated abroad. During the book, the story moves to Moscow where most of the action is happening. In this time, the readers are introduced to the Rostov family, struggling with their finances.

Of their four children, Vera is the oldest one and she might end up marrying a Russian soldier. The story is continued in the second, third, and fourth books as more characters come along. Along with depicting an image of war, the author also shows the lives of different characters and their personal problems. War and Peace novel download will have all the books in it.

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WAR AND PEACE Characters:

  • Andrei Nikolayevich Bolkonsky
  • Pierre Bezukhov
  • Natasha Rostova
  • Nikolai Rostov
  • Hélène Kuragina
  • Dolohov
  • Anatole Kuragin
  • Maria Bolkonskaya
  • Petya Rostov
  • Boris Drubetskoy
  • Sonya
  • Lisa Bolkonskaya
  • Amelie Bourienne
  • Princess Drubetskoya
  • Mikhail Kutuzov
  • Denisov
  • Napoleon
  • Czar Alexander
  • Levin August, Count von Bennigsen
  • Armand Augustin Louis de Caulaincourt

WAR AND PEACE Author: Leo Tolstoy

Born:  September 9, 1828,Leo Tolstoy

Died: November 20, 1910

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