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fiction novel which is based on a play between two characters who are waiting for the arrival of Godot written by Samuel Beckett which is published by Grove on 1 January 2011. The story engages in a variety of discussions and comedy encounters while waiting for the titular Godot, who never arrives.

Who wants to see a play in which nothing happens? in which they are waiting for Godot but they forget? Two characters Vladimir and Estrogen, meet under a leafless tree. Estrogen is trying to discuss the troubles that had passed by Vladimir. At that time, these characters are stuck in the cycle of nothingness.

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Download Waiting for Godot Free Pdf

Waiting for Godot Pdf Summary:

Act 1: The day started with these two young men, engaged in discussions and are awaiting Godot. Vladimir was never certain about this man, that they will arrive soon and they have never met him. After the foundation of varieties of issues between these two young men.

Pozzo and his slave pass from the tree, He tries to engage in their discussions. Lucky is bound by a rope under the control of Pozzo, who forces lucky to handle all their stuff. He physically punishes him if any disturbance will found.

Act 2: After the last night lying under the tree, the next day Vladimir and Estrogen are again meeting near the tree. This tree has grown a number of leaves since it was seen on the last day. The owner and his slave again met here, but this time Pozzo is blind and Lucky has become mute.

However, Lucky and Pozzo exit and leave them to go on waiting for Godot. They are waiting for a man who will never come. The boy they have met last night reappears in the morning and states that he is not the boy who talked to Vladimir yesterday.

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Waiting for Godot Pdf Features:

  • Get a free Waiting for Godot Book Pdf file with high-quality fonts
  • This book has 109 pages and did an impressive score of 3.83 on Goodreads

Download Waiting for Godot Pdf:

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