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There are some books that represent a region or speak about the history of a region so they get taught in schools even years after their publication. Things Fall Apart book is taught in the African region as it is was the first African novel, written in English, which was globally acclaimed.

things fall apart

Things Fall Apart Novel:

Things Fall Apart is written by Chinua Achebe, who is a Nigerian author. The novel was originally published in 1958 and it has the stories of pre-colonial life in the east of Nigeria. It also talks about the time when the Europeans arrived in the region in the late nineteenth century. With Things Fall Apart book download, you will learn about the lives of Nigerians during the time before colonization and after the Europeans came to the region.

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Things Fall Apart Summary

Things Fall Apart summary starts with the first part in which we meet the protagonist. His name is Okonkwo and is a famous wrestling champion in the village. He is hardworking and does not show any sign of weakness. He wants to be wealthy.

Despite excelling at other things, he is violent at home and beats his wife and children, just to show his masculinity. Things start going downhill for him when a boy he was given custody of dies and his daughter also falls it. Then, he accidentally kills Ezeudu’s son.

The villagers send him into exile for seven years. When he comes back, he sees that white men have taken over the village. There is not much that you can know from the Things Fall Apart book summary so you will have to read the book.

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Things Galling Apart Summary in 2 minutes:


  • Ezinma.
  • Ikemefuna.
  • Nwoye.
  • Okonkwo.
  • Mr Brown.

Things Fall Apart Author: Chinua Achebe

Born: November 16, 1930Chinua Achebe

Died: March 21, 2013

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Things Fall Apart PDF Download:

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