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If you are a fan of classic work and fiction novels, you will find The Trial novel free to be a good read. It is based on the time of war.

the trial

The Trial Novel:

The Trial book is written by Jen Bryant and is one of his best works. It was originally published in 1925 but was written in 1915. This novel talks about the story of Joseph K who has been prosecuted by an authority and the nature of his crime are not known to anyone. This book was never completed by the author. However, there is a chapter that might seem to put an abrupt end to the story.

The Trial Summary:

Joseph K is a cashier at the bank and he is arrested by two agents on his thirtieth birthday. He is not put into prison. Rather, he is told to wait until there are instructions from the higher authorities. He is asked to come to court the next day and he is not told the time or the place.

When he arrives at the court, after trying to find it for a long time, he is reprimanded for his tardiness. After the trial, he sees that the two agents who had arrested him for being flogged for trying to take bribes from him. He tried to convince the flogger to not flog the two as they did not take bribes from him but he does not stop.

It is suggested to him by his landlord that the trial might be due to the fact that he went to his neighbor’s house and kissed her. Toward the end, Joseph is executed with a butcher’s knife. The Trial PDF ends with his words, ‘Like a dog’, referring to his death.

The  Trail By Jen Bryant 2 Minutes Summary:

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The Trail Characters:

  • Two main characters:

The Trial Author: Jennifer Bryant

Born: May 13, 1960 (age 59 years)JENNIFER BRYANT

Died: ——–

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