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The Maze Runner
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The Maze Runner:

The Maze Runner is written by James Dashner, who is an American author. It is a series of books that have become very popular among young readers.

The Maze Runner Novel:

This series tells the story of the devastation of the world by solar flares. The genres of this book range from adventure and science fiction to young adult fiction.

The Maze Runner book

The Maze Runner Summary:

The Maze Runner book summary begins with a few teenagers. They call themselves ‘The Gladers’ because they are in a place called The Glade. Beyond the Glade, there is a maze that keeps changing all the time. There are horrible creatures in this maze called the Grievers. Every month, a new Glader is added to the group.

This newcomer is called the Greenie. Greenies do not have their past memories. They only remember their names and the ‘beetle blades’ are watching the Gladers. The whole story of the book revolves around the Gladers who have to find their way out of the maze.

Every day, they go out to find an exit but the maze keeps changing every day. Their journey out of the maze becomes much more interesting when Thomas comes to the maze. When he comes, many unusual things begin to happen in the maze.

What This Novel is about, Know in 2Minutes:


  • Newt
  • Minho
  • Thomas
  • Teresa
  • Gally
  • Alby
  • Frypan
  • Chuck
  • Zart
  • Winston
  • JeffBen


The Maze Runner: James Dashner

Born:  November 26, 1972

James Dashner 'Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials' film premiere, New York, America - 15 Sep 2015

Died: – – –

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The Maze Runner Pdf Download:

The Maze Runner pdf is easily available on the Internet. This book has become quite popular and since it is the first book in the series, you would have to read it to make sense of the other books.

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After The Maze Runner novel book download, you will be able to get in touch with the characters. The Maze Runner Ebook is also available.

After The Maze Runner’s book download, you can watch the movie which was released in 2018 by the name Maze Runner: The Death Cure.

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