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The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is written by Suzanne Collins and is a dystopian novel published in 2018. The novel is narrated by Katniss Everdeen, who is 16 years of age, living in a post-apocalyptic time. She lives in Panem which is in North of America. It is the time of extreme political control over the people.

The Hunger Games Novel:

The Hunger Games became quite popular from the time of its publishing. It has won many awards so far and was also named as one of the Best Books of 2008 by Publisher’s Weekly. The book is the first in the series and is followed by Catching Fire.

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games Character:

  • Katniss Everdeen 
  • Peeta Mellark 
  • Effie Trinket 
  • Gale
  • Prim Everdeen

The Hunger Games Summary:

The Hunger Games book summary begins in Panem, which is a post-apocalyptic region set in Northern America. The government or the Capitol holds control over the people, living in twelve surroundings of the Rocky Mountains, where the Capitol is. The natural sources for the region come from the twelve surroundings, one of which is District 12. This is a coal-rich region.

Every year, a girl and boy are selected from the districts to participate in the ‘Hunger Games’. The idea behind these games is to fight to the death. The last one remaining wins. The story is told by Katniss, who lives in District 12, and volunteers to take part in the Hunger Games instead of her sister, who is just 12 years of age.

The Hunger Games: Suzanne Collins

Born:  August 10, 1962

Suzanne Collins author

Died: —

The Hunger Games PDF Download:

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