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Back in the 20 century, most of the novels were written about war. Some of them talked about the conditions during the war while others narrated the post-war incidents and stories. The Good Soldier book is one of them. The Good Soldier book download will give you insight into the events before the First World War.

the good soldier

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The Good Soldier Novel:

The Good Soldier is a novel written by Ford Madox and it was published in 1915. The setting in the novel is just before the first war began. The protagonist in the novel is Edward Ashburnham who is a soldier. This novel is loosely based on the author’s personal life, which is quite a mess. In this novel, the story is told through flashbacks that are in a non-chronological order.

The Good Soldier Summary:

Before The Good Soldier novel download, you should read the summary. The novel tells the story of two couples who seem to have perfect marriages and friendships but this is not the case. John Dowell narrates the story. He talks about his perfect marriage to Florence and Edward’s marriage to Leonora.

Through the course of the novel, we learn about the imperfections in marriages. Florence pretends to have a heart ailment so that Dowell would not join her in bed or demand intimacy to prevent putting any pressure on her heart, while she continues to have an affair with Jimmy, an American artist.

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Edward and Leonora, the both, have affairs outside of marriage. Dowell says that this is the saddest story he has ever heard because no one gets what they want. Towards the end, Edward kills himself and the marriages dissolve.

The Good Soldier Summary in 2minutes:

The Good Soldier Characters:

  • John Dowell
  • Florence
  • Edward Ashburnham
  • Leonora
  • Nancy Rufford. …
  • Maisie Maidan. …
  • Jimmy. …
  • The Dowells.

The Good Soldier Author: Ford Madox Ford

Born:  December 17, 1873Ford Madox Ford the good soldier

Died: June 26, 1939

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The Good Soldier PDF Download:

The Good Soldier novel download is available on the internet. If you cannot purchase the book, you can get The Good Soldier free download online.

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