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Tender Is the Night:

Tender Is the Night novel is a Fictional book written by F. Scott Fitzgerald who is a popular American author. It is was his final novel and was published in 1934. The title of this novel is a line from the poem written by John Keats. Tender Is the Night download is now available online.

Tender Is the Night

Tender Is the Night Novel:

When the author’s wife was admitted to the hospital for schizophrenia, he started writing this novel. In his book, he tells the story of a psychiatrist named Dick Diver who has the gift for it. Nicole, who is Fitzgerald’s wife, is also a patient of this doctor. This was the first time in nine years that the author had written a novel.

Tender Is the Night Summary:

Tender Is the Night’s book summary begins with the story of Dick Diver and his wife Nicole Diver. They are a rich couple who live in Southern France and party with their American friends a lot. In a hotel nearby lives Rosemary; a young actress in the city. She gets infatuated with Dick and Dick considers the idea of having an affair with her.

Rosemary soon figures out that there is something wrong with their marriage and other guests at the parties speculate too. However, towards the course of the novel, Dick gets worse and worse in his alcoholism. At last, Nicole leaves him and marries Tommy Barban, who is a frequent guest at their parties.

Tender Is the Night: F. Scott Fitzgerald

Born: September 24, 1896,

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Died: December 21, 1940,

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Tender Is the Night book Download:

You can get the Tender Is the Night pdf download online easily. There are two versions of the book. In one version, the story is told as flashbacks while in the other version, it is in chronological order. When you are downloading the Tender Is the Night pdf, make sure that you check the version.

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