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Subterranean is a book written by James Rollins. The book is a wonderful image of what lies between the terrains of the Earth. It is not just not good things but also a lot of terrors that you might not be prepared for when you pick up the book.

Subterranean Novel:

Subterranean is an Adventure novel published in 1999 by Harper Collins. The book was originally published in English. It tells the story of what lies beneath the ice that forms the bottom of this Earth. There are terrors and wonders waiting for Ashley Carter and her team.

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Subterranean Character:

  • Ashley.

Subterranean Summary:

Subterranean book summary begins with Ashley Carter, an archaeologist, and her team who have been picked to explore this part of the Earth. There are stories of people who went to venture there before them and never returned.

No one knows what lies beneath the cold, ice surface. When the team gets to the region, they realize something very disturbing; there are other mammals living there.

There is a whole ecosystem of mammals. While some of them are intelligent, others are quite savage. Subterranean novel book download will take you along Ashley on a journey to the most surprise-filled place on Earth. She is accompanied by Benjamin Brust, a former military man, who takes rich people on adventures in uncharted areas.

There are other experts too, such as Doctor Andre Blakely who is the head researcher in Antarctica, and Professor Linda who is a biologist by profession. All of them are set on this journey together and they have been chosen because of their due talents.

Subterranean: James Rollins

Born:  August 20, 1961  

James Rollins

Died: —

Subterranean PDF:

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