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This comic was written by Joshua Williamson and was released on September 28th, 2021. Luis Guerrero is the colorist, and Troy Peteri is the letterer of this monthly DC Comics. This graphical and ionic comic will take you to an Island named Lazarus to see the League of Lazarus’ death tournament in which Damian Wayne has placed himself in the tournament to check why in his whole life, this tournament was kept a mystery.

But for this, he is facing some serious competitors like Ravager and Connor Hawke. There are mysteries besides fighting, but can Robin survive long enough in the tournament to reveal them? Let’s find out by downloading the Robin PDF of this book from our website for a free read.

Robin PDF Free Download

Robin PDF Summary:

When the tournament gets started you will be seeing panels of people getting punched or kicked in the face. This comic is a great showcase for the artist Gleb Melnikov as he seems to draw some of the most grandiose and spectacular fighting scenes.

Flatline turns out to be the most fantastic character and then there is Respawn, a young troll who seems to be completely unafraid of death. Mother Soul creates the fighter’s arena and then started throwing fighters for battle. Then to kick up the tension, Mother’s soul announces that each contestant has to die twice because they might be recalled and the sole winner achieves immortality.

The tournament concludes with plenty of great actions and some iconic moments between Robin and Flatline and turns out to be an enlightening story for Damian Wayne. The four-membered team continues to mix action with interesting character work. Check out more content related to Comic Books on our website for a free read.

Robin PDF Features:

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  • This book has 25 pages in each chapter and got an impressive user score of 3.37 out of 5.00 on Goodreads

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