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Real Friends PDF

It is a graphic memoir that illustrates the true worth of friendship. Shannon and Adrienne are best friends, as illustrated by the book, but things tend to take a twist, and Adrienne starts hanging out with other girls, which makes it difficult for Shannon to stay friends with Adrienne.

This book was drafted by an excellent author named Shannon Hale. She uses her name in the book as her best friend, Adrienne, which makes the story more interesting. This book was published in 2017. If you want to continue reading, we are bringing the Real Friends PDF Free Download file to our website with high-quality textures.

Real Friends PDF Free Download

Real Friends PDF Summary:

This novel is a graphic memoir of Shannon, a middle school student. She hated the school, but when she became friends with Adrienne, her perspective of her changed. She loved to go to school just because of her best friend.

Hence, the friendship was one-sided, only Shannon was into Adrienne, but Adrienne ditched Shannon and went to other girls to play with, leaving Shannon shocked. Shannon was confused in deciding whether to call Adrienne her best friend or not. Adrienne used to play with the school’s most popular girl known as Jen. She was the leader of the Group, and every girl wanted to be on her priority list of Jen.

Girls used to do anything for Jen, whether it was bullying or just to stay on top of that list. This Graphic Novel has been reviewed by many great authors and is ranked one of the best. Moreover, it also comes in New York’s best-selling novels. In addition, there is no use of nudity or sexual elements. Hence, it is preferred for kids as well as adults.

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