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A story on ten-year-old Annemarie Johansen and her best friend Ellen Rosen in Number the Stars Book have thoughts in their mind before the war. At the time in 1943, during the march of Nazi soldiers in the city, where these children are suffering from a lack of food, facilities, and water. Ellen moves with Annemarie and pretends to be one of the family. Soon Johansen asks to go on a dangerous mission to save her friend.

Number the Stars is a fiction book by the American creator Lois Lowry about the getaway of a family of Jews from Copenhagen, Denmark, during World War II. The story centers on 10-year-old Annemarie Johansen, who lives with her mom, father, and sister Kirsti in Copenhagen in 1945 Annemarie turns into a piece of the occasions connected with the salvage of the Danish Jews when a large number of Jews were to arrive at the unbiased ground in Sweden to try not to be migrated to concentration camps.

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Annemarie Johansen and her Jewish closest companion, Ellen Rosen, are ten-year-old young ladies living in Copenhagen, Denmark, during World War II. Annemarie has a five-year-old sister, Kirsti. There are Nazis everywhere in Copenhagen. Spread, sugar, espresso, cigarettes, and having no electricity in the city.

After an experience with two German warriors, Annemarie and Ellen are told to be significantly more cautious. Later, it would appear for obscure reasons, the Germans are “moving” Denmark’s Jews at one place, the Nazis have taken the names and addresses of all Jewish individuals in Copenhagen.

Ellen’s parents have escaped with Peter, the previous life partner of Annemarie’s more than a sister, Lise, who kicked the bucket as a result of a fender bender.

Ellen should remain with the Johansens and profess to be Lise despite the fact that she is a large portion of the age of the real Lise. Fighters enter the Johansens’ house at 4 a.m. also, believing that the Rosens are “visiting” the Johansens.

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