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Night Sky with Exit Wounds PDF

This book is a collection of Ocean Vuong’s poetry which aims straight at big and human subjects of war, grief, memory, and romance. This book is a masterpiece that captures the sorrows, joys, and elegance of human beings. The poet has written both assurance and vulnerability, pushing his poetry to a new level.

His powerful voice explores the history, violence, and passion, and managing the balance between personal themes like poverty, depression, queer, domestic abuse, and sexuality is the book’s core. This book has won the 2016 Whiting Award, the 2017 T.S. Eliot prize, and the 2019 MacArthur.

Night Sky with Exit Wounds PDF Free Download

Night Sky with Exit Wounds PDF Summary:

Ocean Vuong’s poetry collection tells the story of an immigrant working in a nail salon in New York. This was when South Vietnam was evacuated in April 1975 by the US Armed Forces. Another story of a gay couple murdered in their home in Dallas in 2011, the stories of the writer’s parents in the war of Vietnam, and his own stories of immigration as a gay Vietnamese growing up in America.

The poems of this poetry book represent an innovative and daring experiment with language, revealing how the themes in which we live are inexhaustible. This bold and visionary poem is evidence of love in the face of violence.

The poems of Night Sky With Exit Wounds comprise a powerful emotional feeling that springs from the sincerity and honesty of Ocean Vuong and the ability of the poet to capture specific moments with both senses of photography and evanescence. In simple words, the poem captures human existence’s raw joy and sorrows.

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