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Lucky Jim novel is quite an old novel that was published for the first time in 1954. It has won the Somerset Maugham Award for being the best fiction book of 1955. In the novel, the author, Kingsley Amis, tells us about Jim Dixon, who is a lecturer at an English university. With Lucky Jim novel download, you will be in for an interesting read

lucky jim

Lucky Jim Summary:

Lucky Jim book summary begins with the main character being a librarian at a university. He later goes on to become a lecturer. During his first year as a lecturer, he is there on probation and he feels like he has not done a good job so he might lose his position.

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He wants to keep his position permanent and for that, he tried to be friends with the head of the department. Along with that, he also tries to publish a scholarly article for increasing his chances of being permanent. He finds out that the editor to whom he had sent his article has published the article as his own after translating it into Italian.

Jim also has a girlfriend, Margaret, with whom he has an on-and-off relationship. During a weekend at the university, Jim meets Christine, who was the latest ex of his head of department’s son, Bertrand. As Jim gets close to her, Bertrand gets upset. Toward the end of the book, Jim gets free of Margaret and her emotional blackmailing while Christiane leaves Bertrand because he is having an affair. They both leave for London.

Lucky Jim Explained in 2 Minutes:

Lucky Jim Characters:

  • Jim Dixon.
  • Margaret Peel.
  • Christine Callaghan.
  • Bertrand Welch.
  • Julius Gore-Urquhart.

Lucky Jim Author: Kingsley Amis

Born: April 16, 1922Kingsley Amis

Died: October 22, 1995

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Lucky Jim PDF Download:

Lucky Jim PDF is available online so you can go for the Lucky Jim book download free of charge. If you need a light read which leads to a happy ending, you should read Lucky Jim’s book.

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