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If you see ‘A Dirk Pitt Adventure’ on the front cover of a book, you should know that it is going to be an interesting one. Clive Cussler has written so many books telling accounts of Pitt’s adventure and every one of them is an entertaining read.

Inca Gold Novel:

Inca Gold is a novel written by Clive Cussler. It was originally published in 1994. It is the twelfth book in Pitt’s adventure series. It was published by Simon & Schuster and had about 539 pages.

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Inca Gold Summary:

Inca Gold book summary begins with a fleet of ships that are sailing to an island that is present on an inland sea. This sail is quite secret and these ships hide a huge treasure on the island and then they disappear. Before they leave, they keep a stone demon on the treasure to guard it. Many years later, Sir Francis Drake finds the key to this treasure along with Inca gold, in a Spanish galleon.

This galleon is so huge that two hundred men have to carry it. It contains diamonds that are worth over 200 billion dollars and Drake’s crew wants to take it to England. However, when they are bringing the galleon back, an underwater earthquake occurs and a huge tide kills everyone except one person who tells the story of this incident.

Centuries later, some archaeologists are almost drowning but Dirk Pitt saves them as he happens to be a marine expedition. Later, Pitt finds himself in a mess that involves smugglers, customs service, and even the FBI. With the Inca Gold book download, you will not be bored at all.

Inca Gold: Clive Cussler

Born: July 15, 1931

Clive Cussler

Died: February 24, 2020

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