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The book, Home Body is written by Rupi Kaur and was published on 17th November 2020 by Andrews McMeel Publishing. He expressed her thoughts by using the help of a poem. She has categorized the content into 4 parts, mind, heart, rest, and awake.
The author has written in such a beautiful style that it expresses the reality of life in her words. Although, it’s a very liberating read for people facing depression, anxiety, or loneliness. Hence, it looks like you are to talking to yourself, the words are of Rupi but the thoughts are yours. We are bringing the Home Body PDF Free Download file to our website. Home Body PDF Free Download

Home Body PDF Summary:

As mentioned earlier, Home Body PDF is divided into 4 parts. Similarly, all of those parts represent the struggle of Rupi throughout her life. Here in this book, we see all about the challenges faced by Rupi in her life. Regardless of the fact, that everybody faces challenges in different ways, they do!

Rupi has raised her voice through her poem on sexual assault, and we must appreciate people who do talk about it. Moreover, most of Rupi’s concern in her poem is mental health and well-being. In addition, she has also discussed relationships, family, and worth. The worth of taking a break and looking back at our loved ones and the humanity we all must ensure in ourselves.

Working most of the time and letting capitalism take over humanity, this phenomenon is objected to by the author. In conclusion, she emphasizes we break the walls and bring our voices up so we can live a happy and satisfying life. Terror, trauma, and bad times, all are meant to come and go. Check out more content related to Poetry Books to download them in all formats on Free Helo Novels. 

 Home Body PDF features:

  • Free to download with excellent quality texture and fonts
  • The book consists of 192 readable pages with amazing phrases
  • The rating of the book is 4.1 out of 5 on Goodreads

Download Home Body PDF:

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