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Dracula is a gothic horror novel written by Bran Stoker, who is an Irish author. It was published in 1897.

Dracula book

Dracula Novel

Dracula’s book is significant in literary history since it introduced the world to Count Dracula. Through this book, people learned more about vampires. This book narrates the story of a rivalry between Dracula and the group led by Professor Abraham van Helsing. Dracula attempts to shift from Transylvania, his home, to England where he would be able to find new blood.

Dracula Summary

Dracula’s Pdf book summary begins with Dracula, living in a castle. The novel is set in Transylvania where the protagonists narrate the story. The story is told using articles, letters, and diary entries, making it an epistolary novel. Starting in 1890, the novel tells the story of a few months, from May to November.

Jonathan Harker is an English solicitor who visits Count Dracula in Transylvania. During this visit, he is impressed by the Count’s manners but he realizes that he is a prisoner here.

He comes across ‘the sisters’, who are three female vampires. Dracula leaves the castle after all the preparations are done, leaving Harker behind. The characters interact with each other during the course of the book. Towards the end, in the last chapter, there is a note by Jonathan Harker in which he tells that he is married to his fiancée, mIna and has a son named Quincey.

Dracula: Bram Stoker

Born:  November 8, 1847

Bram Stoker

Died: April 20, 1912,

Dracula Novel PDF

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