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Count of Monte Cristo

Count of Monte Cristo’s adventure book is written by Alexandre Dumas who is a French author, famous for having written The Three Musketeers. This adventure book is popular all over the world and is a significant piece of writing in English literature.

Count of Monte Cristo book Pdf

Count of Monte Cristo Novel PDF:

Count of Monte Cristo’s novel book download would keep you entertained as the book is set in Italy and France. It covers the time of the Bourbon Restoration. The book talks about a man who is imprisoned, for no legit reason, and then breaks free from jail. He earns a lot of money and goes on a journey to take revenge on people who put him in prison. His revenge plan leads to many grave consequences for everyone, whether they were innocent or guilty.

Count of Monte Cristo PDF Summary:

Count of Monte Cristo’s book summary begins with Edmond Dantes’ wedding. On his wedding day, he is wrongfully accused of treason. As a result that, he is put in jail without any trial. One of the prisoners with his figures out that Dantes is in this situation because of three people who were jealous of him.

He teaches Dantes different languages and cultures. This fellow prisoner, Faria, also guides Dantes on how to escape from prison and acquire a fortune. Dantes runs away from jail, gets the money, and goes to Paris where he takes revenge on the men who tried to ruin his life.

Count of Monte Cristo Characters:

  • Edmond Dantès
  • The Count Of Monte Cristo
  • Lord Wilmore
  • Abbé Busoni
  • Sinbad The Sailor

Count of Monte Cristo: Alexandre Dumas

Born: July 24, 1802

Alexandre Dumas

Died: December 5, 1870,

Download Count of Monte Cristo PDF:

Count of Monte Cristo book download is available online. You can read it or listen to the audiobook, depending on whichever suits you best. After reading Count of Monte Cristo pdf download, you can watch the 2002 movie by the same name. There is also a lot of TV series that is based on this book. Check out more content from Helo Novels for a free read.

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