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Classic Pulp PDF

The stories from the golden age of pulp comics gave life again and were printed again in their original grandeur. This is the first series of classic pulp which comprises the story of ghouls and gumshoes. Ghoul is an Arabic word that means ghosts. Whereas, gumshoe is referred to as the detective in the story.

This series tells the story of ghosts and detectives. The comic is written by Joshua Werner and was published on September 28, 2021. The author is an illustrator who has drafted many interesting stories. If you want to continue reading, we are bringing Classic Pulp PDF Free Download to our website in all formats.

Classic Pulp PDF Free Download

Classic Pulp PDF Summary:

The comic is packed with the lost tales of Ghouls and gumshoes. The comic is remastered digitally in a very promising way, including all the characters in a perfect color scheme. The comic is very much shocking and thrilling which attracts the readers of this category.

Ghoul’s word is driven by the Arabic language which represents the undead monster. This concept is taken from the Islamic region where people used to talk about the presence of ghouls in the graveyard. Ghouls also represent the undead flesh of humans which is why they are matched with the undead monster.

Moreover, the gumshoe represents the detective in the story who runs behind those ghouls and finds their reality. This Comic book was remastered by Joshua Werner and brought life back to the comic book. The story in the comic is very thrilling, and there are no restrictions on the age category of the reader.

Classic Pulp PDF Features:

  • This book has 128 pages with Superior quality texture and fonts
  • The user rating of the book is 4.0 out of 5 on Goodreads
  • You can Classic Pulp eBook Free Download from our website and read it online as well

Download Classic Pulp PDF:

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