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CATCH 22 Book Introduction:

If you are into war stories, you will like Catch 22 pdf. It is an old novel from the previous century which will you insight into the conditions during the war. Catch 22 Hulu Novel is a series on Hulu, which is based on the book.

catch 22 book

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Catch 22 Novel:

Catch 22 books is written by Joseph Heller, who is an American author. This book is actually a satire about war. He started writing his novel in 1953 but the novel got published much later, in 1961. You have to concentrate while you read this novel as the story is narrated by different characters.

The plot develops as the stories do and the timeline also develops alongside. This novel is set during the Second World War and is based on the life of a US Army Air Bombardier, named Captain John Yossarian.

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Catch 22 Summary:

Catch 22 by Joseph Heller is divided into many chapters and the first ten chapters deal with different characters. The story moves in chronological order in 1944. Chapter 12 to 20 take us back to the Great Big Siege of Bologna and then comes back to the era of 1944.

In Chapters 21 to 25, we are back in the present, which is 1944. In the following chapters, 26 to 28, there are flashbacks and we learn about Milo’s syndicate. In the last part of the novel, the brutal nature of war is revealed. There is an attack on the Italian village, which is completely undefended.

After that, Yossarian’s friends start dying and there is the rape of a woman named Michaela. She is later killed. In the end, Yossarian finds out that Orr, who had disappeared in combat, had escaped to Sweden to he decided to follow.

Catch 22 Book Explained in 2 minutes:

Catch 22 Characters:

  • Characters Yossarian
  • Major Major Major Major
  • Milo Minderbinder
  • Nately
  • Doc Daneeka
  • Scheisskopf
  • Captain Aardvark
  • Chief White Halfoat
  • General Dreedle
  • Colonel Cathcart
  • Orr
  • Chaplain Tappman

CATCH 22 Author: Joseph Heller

Born: May 1, 1923JOSEPH HELLER

Died: December 12, 1999

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Catch 22 PDF Download:

Catch 22 by Joseph Heller PDF is a great read and everyone who needs to understand the brutalities of war must go for Catch 22 book download.

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