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Brave New World Book:

Nowadays, there is a lot of TV series being made about the dystopian future and fiction novels. This idea has been explored previously in books too such as is Brave New World book. When you read the Brave New World pdf, it will excite you to the core.

brave new world

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Brave New World Novel:

Brave New World is a novel written by Aldous Huxley. This novel is from 1932 even though the author finished it in 1931. It is based on a future world where the human population is genetically modified. Science has made a lot of professing in classical conditioning, sleep-learning, and psychological manipulation. Together, all of these factors make a utopian society in which the protagonist brings a change.

Brave New World Summary:

Brave New World book summary begins in the year AD 2450, according to the Gregorian calendar. The story is set in World State, where the children are engineered. Artificial wombs and indoctrination programs during childhood are done and the people are divided into cases.

Lenina is a popular hatchery worker while Bernard is a psychologist who is not attractive at is. He is shorter than those in his high caste and suffers from an inferiority complex. The whole community is taking a drug, soma, which promotes soothing sleep.

Bernard is against this as his work is on sleep learning. His boss decided to exile him to Iceland when he expresses his opinion. He goes on a holiday with Lenina, to a Savage Reservation, which is in New Mexico. This is where they experience naturally born people, disease, and the aging process.

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Brave New World Characters:

  • Bernard Marx.
  • Mustapha Mond.
  • Helmholtz Watson.
  • Lenina Crown.
  • John the Savage.

Brave New World Author: Aldous Huxley

Born:  July 26, 1894Aldous Huxley

Died: November 22, 1963

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Brave New World PDF Download :

You can get Brave New World pdf download free online so you should definitely read the book. It is quite an interesting read, especially considering that there is a possibility of the human race being so advanced in the future, check out more Free Novels from our site.

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