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There are some novels from the past that have such a huge impact on society that they are taught in schools. Animal Farm book is one of these. You can find Animal Farm in the book and Animal Farm pdf form.

animal farm

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Animal Farm Novel:

Animal Farm by George Orwell was published in 1945 in England. The book is based on a farm and tells the story of the animals living on the farm. They are plotting to rebel against the human who owns and runs the form. They want to create a peaceful society for an animal where they can all be equal and can live freely.

Orwell believed that the Soviet Union was a brutal dictatorship and in this book, he actually reflects on the events that led to the Russian revolution. Animal Farm is actually a satirical account of Stalin.

Animal Farm Summary:

Animal Farm’s book summary begins with the Manor Farm which is run by Mr. Jones, who is
irresponsible and unskilled for running a farm. The animals hold a meeting one night and decide to rebel against humans.

That is exactly what they do and then two pigs on the farm, Napoleon and Snowball, become the commanders of the farm. They make 7 commandments for the farm and the most important one is that ‘’all animals are equal’’. Through the course of the book, we see how the pigs get blinded by power and do not follow any of the commandments.

Even after pushing the humans off the farm, the animals are living in misery, mistreated by their own. Towards the end, the local farmers try to attack the farm to take over and the animals see the farmers and pigs playing cards and socializing in the name of the alliance. They can no longer see the difference between the two. The animal Farm read summary is here.

Animal Farm Summary in 2 minutes:

Animal Farm Characters:

  • Napoleon.
  • Snowball.
  • Old Major.
  • Squealer.
  • Boxer.

Animal Farm Author: George Orwell

Born: June 25, 1903George Orwell Animal Farm

Died: January 21, 1950

Read Online:

Animal Farm  is also available on our servers, you can read it online also, Read online

Animal Farm PDF Download:

Animal Farm novel download option is available online. You can also listen to the audiobook.

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