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Murder on the Orient Express Pdf Download

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Murder on the Orient Express:

Murder on the Orient Express is a novel written by Agatha Christie. It is quite a popular adventure novel, which has been made into a film. Being a detective novel, it was quite highly acclaimed and loved by readers. Murder on the Orient Express book was published in 1934 in the UK. A month later, it was published in the USA.

murder on the orient express

Murder on the Orient Express Novel:

In this book, there is a train called the Orient Express that passes through the UK. On one of its trips, it is stopped on a snowy day as murder is discovered on the train. The train is going from London to the Middle East.

Murder on the Orient Express Summary:

Murder on the Orient Express book summary begins with the detective Hercule Poirot being on the Orient Express as he receives a call to come back to London. The train is fully booked but he finds a second-class seat. On the train, there is an American businessman called Ratchett who is quite vulgar.

He asks Hercule to protect him as he has been getting death threats from an unknown source. The detective refuses this offer. The next morning, it is found that the businessman was murdered overnight.

There are twelve stab wounds in the body and the detective sets to work. During his search, he goes through everyone’s luggage and finds a lot of questionable things in the luggage, including his own. There are many other characters on the train too, such as a physician called Dr. Constantine, an actress named Mrs. Hubbard, and Mary Debenham, who is a former governess.

Murder on the Orient Expres: Agatha Christie

Born: September 15, 1890

Agatha Christie Author

Died: January 12, 1976, 

Murder on the Orient Express book Download:

If you are looking for Murder on the Orient Express pdf download, you can find it online. Murder on the Orient Express pdf is a great read. If you do not want to go for Murder on the Orient Express novel download, you can go watch the movie instead.


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