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In the world of problems where every man suffers from bad situations at one time in a day or more of that. Most people think that what they want is necessary but the author explains by sharing his opinions saying that it is not necessary to have useful things but the situation and conditions should be good for a better life.

Will and Testament book is an absurdist novel written by Vigdis Hjorth which was published on 10th September 2019 by Verso publishing. The woman wants to get out of several problems and the book is all about her struggle, approach to achieving her goals and living with a history of sexual assault.Will and Testament PDF Free Download

Will and Testament PDF Summary:

The woman named Bergljot has a memory of sexual assault in her brain and she tries to get out of this situation. She is sexually assaulted and raped by her father from the age of five to seven. The emotional story continues with her father also physically beating Bergljot’s older brother Bård and her mother trying to keep saved his all criminal records.

When Bergljot grows up and reached the twenty, she cuts off contact with her parents and sibling who are jealous and wouldn’t believe her. She is only maintaining contact with her older brother Bard. For more than twenty years, the family divided, and live separately.

This Absurdist Fiction book got a mixed reception from the readers on the Goodreads which is not a good result for any writer. You need to know what happens next, we are bringing Will and Testament PDF Free Download with high-quality textures on Helo Novel Books.

Will and Testament PDF Features:

  • We are bringing Will and Testament eBook with high-quality fonts on our website for a free read
  • This book has 336 readable pages and got an impressive user score of 3.86 on Goodreads

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