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Treasure Island:

Treasure Island book is an Adventure fiction novel written by Robert Stevenson. It was published by Cassell and Company, back in 1883. It is a coming-of-age story that is noted for its amazing storyline and characters.

Treasure Island book


Treasure Island Novel:

Treasure Island is one of the most-read novels. It has been adapted into a film. Even though it was originally thought off as a novel for younger readers, it is popular among the older readers too.

Treasure Island Summary:

The Treasure Island book summary begins with an old sailor coming to a lodge that is based on the English coast. He talks to the innkeeper’s son and tells him to look for a one-legged man. After Billy Bones, the sailor has a brawl with a former shipmate, a beggar comes to give him a treasure map.

At that time, Bones dies due to a stroke. The beggar attacks the inn but Jim, the boy, and his mother take Bones’ sea chest and escape. They find the treasure map to Captain Flint’s hidden treasure, inside the chest.

When Jim shows this map to a physician named John Trelawney, they decide to take an expedition to this island. When they arrive at the coast, Jim starts exploring the island.

On the island, a lot of issues occur after which the group loads some treasure to their ship. According to Jim, more treasure still remains on the island but he says that he will not go on another voyage to get that treasure.

Treasure Island Characters:

  • Characters Long John Silver
  • Jim Hawkins
  • Captain Flint
  • Billy Bones
  • Ben Gunn
  • Dr Livesey
  • John Trelawney
  • Captain Alexander Smollett
  • Job Anderson
  • Abraham Gray
  • Israel Hands

Treasure Island: Robert Louis Stevenson

Born: November 13, 1850

Treasure Island author

Died: December 3, 1894,

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