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In The four agreements pdf, eBook top sellers don Miguel Ruiz uncovers the source of autonomous ideas, which take us away from joy and cause unnecessary pain. The Four Accords give a powerful code of conduct that can convert our life into a new experience of freedom swiftly, based on old Toltec wisdom.

A best-selling New York Times for a decade and Traduced in 46 international languages. Don Miguel Ruiz reveals the autonomous beliefs in the four agreements pdf download and proposes a basic yet effective code of human behavior, as learned from his Toltec predecessors.

This beautiful, crafted book is a beautiful present for anyone making an essential change in life, full of grace and straightforward truth, and reads in a voice you would expect of an indigenous shaman.

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The Four Agreements PDF Download

The Four Agreements Summary:

The author in the four agreements pdf download states that he imagines life without fear of love and without dread of being loved or refused or accepted. I am sorry, but being loved, rejected, and exempted from humanity makes us believe that you can’t just cut these elements out and claim that you can’t turn off your feelings as a person and must be taken positively.

In The four agreements pdf eBook author told that four agreements are as follows: keep your word, don’t take anything personally, don’t make assumptions, and always do your best. The Four Agreements are worth reading and memorizing because they explain how and why these things are done.

According to the author, you are responsible for your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Nobody can compel you to do anything unless you choose to. The four agreements pdf download is an uplifting book with many valuable lessons.

The Four Agreements Author: Don Miguel Ruiz

Born: August 27, 1952 (age 69 years)

The Four Agreements author


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