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Dune is a novel written in 1965 by Frank Herbert, who was an American author. It is a science fiction novel that was originally published in two parts in the magazine called Analog.

Dune book

Dune Novel:

Dune book was named as the highest-selling science function novel in the world. The book talks about a world in a distant future where the noble families rule the society. In this book, we read the story of a boy named Paul Atreides. He and his family are stewards of planet Arrakis.

Although it is an inhospitable planet where very few people live, it is the only place where mélange grows. Mélange is a spice that extends life and boosts mental abilities. Dune book download would take you into another world where politics, society, family, technology, religion and ecology come together.

Dune Summary:

Dune book summary begins with the planet Arrakis, which has a harsh atmosphere. However, Duke Leto of the House Atreides is given the task of growing mélange on the planet. Even though Leto knows that he is being trapped, he takes on the job because he has no other choice. Shaddam, the Nobel who assigns this job to Leto, thinks of House Atreides as a rival.

He plans with House Harkonnen to destroy Leto when he goes to this harsh planet. House Harkonnen has a rivalry with House Atreides so their nobles agree to this. There is a breeding program in this new world and Leto’s concubine is supposed to bear a daughter according to the program. However, she loves Leto so she bears him a son, named Paul. Towards the end, Paul becomes the ruler of the empire.

Dune: Frank Herbert

Born: October 8, 1920

Frank Herbert

Died: February 11, 1986,

Dune PDF:

Dune pdf download is available online and you will find it easily. With Dune novel download, you will be able to experience a whole different world.


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