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The Communist Manifesto has been written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in 1848. This book was written just to form the basis for the modern communist movement in which the argument over capitalism was replaced by socialism and communism.

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Communist Manifesto PDF Download

Communist Manifesto Summary

Describing this book Communist Manifesto, is a complete political text which is aiming to the development of both communism theory and engage the readers to take upon its cause. It was published back in the year 1848 and it is offering a detailed argument related to capitalism, a spirited defense of communism, and some practical suggestions for yet bringing about a communist society.

Well, it is not just Engles and Marx for whom the whole concept of communism is the fearsome one. According to the authors, the class struggle is known to be the driving force which is behind historical development.

Authors often argue that all the societies in history are hence divided between oppressed and oppressors. But in the previous societies, it yet played a major role which was in a complex form. Capitalism is simplifying class division, splitting society into the bourgeoisie of those who are having private property and wealth.

The majority population was of the proletariat where it has no choice but to start working for the bourgeoisie. Within the capitalist society, the bourgeoisie is owning the means of production which it encompasses sellable products such as machinery, materials, or infrastructure.

Communist Manifesto Author: Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels

Karl Marx Born: May 5, 1818
Friedrich Engels Born: November 28, 1820
Communist ManifestoFriedrich Engels
Karl Marx Died: March 14, 1883
Friedrich Engels Died: August 5, 1895

Communist Manifesto Download

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