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Gone Girl book is counted on the top of the list in the New York Times best-seller written by one of the most famous writers Gillion Flynn. She has always won the hearts of their followers by providing worthy content at an advanced level.

This book states how marriage went terribly, terribly wrong. For this reason, the arrival of suspense inside the novel comes from whether or not nick Dunne is involved in the disappearance of his spouse Amy. If you want to read this Mystery Novel completely, download Gone Girl by clicking on the below download button.

Gone Girl PDF Free Download

Gone Girl Book Summary:

The journal sections describe how Amy met Nick in New York City, where the two of them work as writers. Nick was a columnist who composed film and TV reviews, while Amy’s works depend upon quizzes that are written for ladies’ magazines. Following two years of dating, and loving each other, that’s why they married.

The couple lives in a delightful brownstone home in Brooklyn where they were blissful. On a warm summer morning in North Carthage, Missouri, it is Nick and Amy Dunne’s fifth wedding ceremony. Their gifts are being wrapped and reservations are being made while nick’s clever and exquisite spouse disappears from their rented McMansion on the Mississippi River.

The two main characters are abhorrent however for various reasons, She is a vicious managed freak who comes out smelling like a rose in spite of all her inexcusable actions and she gets no punishment or other blame. If you want to continue the story of this Thriller Book, download it for the read.

Gone Girl Book Features:

  • We are bringing Gone Girl eBook by Gillion Flynn  with high-quality fonts
  • This book has 415 pages and got an excellent user score of 4.10 on Goodreads

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Download A Painted House PDF & eBook

A Painted House Summary PDF Download

A painted house eBook is a fantastic adventure about a young child in America’s Deep South, The simplicity of family life where cotton is all in the summer season. Grisham explains and details his life’s affirming experiences. The novel gives a reader a glimpse into the lives of the local city on a Sunday tour. The type of book that you read slowly because you don’t want it to finish!

A painted house Novel is best read on a rainy day, perhaps on your covered front porch or deck with a nice hot cup of tea or coffee nearby. There is a lot of information and emotional weight to it, and the perspective will leave you persuaded that you’ve just written a classic if you let yourself feel empathy for the narrative character.

A Painted House Summary PDF Free Download

A Painted House Book Summary:

A painted house will not let you down. While it is not what we have come to expect from the author, a painted house free download is not only an enjoyable story in its own right, but it is equal to, and probably even better than, what came before it. It establishes the author as a literal author rather than a writer in a specific field.

Although it’s difficult to call a novel about murder and poverty “beautiful,” A painted house eBook is a charming story. People enjoy it because the author does not strive to speak like a 7-year-old Arkansan, but rather expresses his thoughts through adult prose. A painted house book is John Grisham’s most accomplished work.

A Painted House Author: John Grisham

Born: February 8, 1955 (age 66 years)

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Download Cryptonomicon PDF & eBook

Cryptonomicon eBook Download

Cryptonomicon eBook download is the Story that blends a true and a fictitious history of encryption, World War II and near-current cyber security, and a remarkable imagination. This novel book consists of around 1,000 pages, with a multitude of characters from around World War II until the late 90s, covering a history of time. Most characters of the book are linked to each other across this period Trans generationally, and several of the characters have similar names.

The author of Cryptonomicon eBook download PDF also tells us a lot about how commerce is done when global actors are building the information economies of the future.

With this remarkable Cryptonomicon eBook download, Neal Stephenson explores the secret history of the nation and men’s private obsessions, uncovering the forces that shaped this century with blatant virtuosity. As an added treat, the Cryptonomicon eBook download pdf is also available in e-book format.

Cryptonomicon eBook Free Download

Cryptonomicon PDF Summary:

Neal Stephenson wrote an excessive novel on the importance of encryption, both in today’s environment and during the Second World War. By employing several family generations, he connects both. The precursors live in Turing and others’ early cryptography, dealing with German and Japanese cipher cracks.

A stunning tour de force, Cryptonomicon eBook download PDF is a deep and prophetic work that has hyper powered Neal Stephenson’s most successful and influential work to date, as it sails forth and back between the Second World War and the World Wide Web, and continues to hint at a somber day after day. It is a creative, thinking, and artwork that has a real iconoclastic imagination that works with a white-heated intensity.

Cryptonomicon Author: Neal Stephenson

Born: October 31, 1959 (age 62 years), 
Neal Stephenson

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Download Brighton Rock PDF & eBook

Brighton Rock book
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Brighton Rock:

Brighton Rock is a novel written by Graham Greene that was published back in 1938. It was made into a film in 1947 and a new version was released in 2010.

Brighton Rock

Brighton Rock Novel:

Brighton Rock’s book is a thriller Book in which a murder takes place. The name of this novel is taken from a confectionary that is sold in resorts. The book has been shown in films like Allied in which Brad Pitt is reading the book.

Brighton Rock Summary:

Brighton Rock PDF begins with Charles Hale who comes to Brighton for distributing cards for a competition called Lobby Lud. The major person in the book is Pinkie Brown who is a sociopath and gangster. He treats his victims mercilessly and finds human connection repelling. Even though he is still young at 17, he is the leader of the gang.

The second leader of the gang is Dallow who is Pinkie’s only confidant. Then, there is Cubitt who is a gang member. Pinkie kills Spicer who is an aging gang member, feeling discomfort at the growing influence of the gang. When Cubitt finds this out, he leaves the gang. Ida is following Pinkie to link him to his acts of violence.

Toward the end of the book, Pinkie marries Rose in an ill-fated marriage. Along with being a thriller, the book also has the influence of Roman Catholic beliefs. The book was made into a 1947 film and then in a 1997 radio adaptation. Later, John Barry composed a musical on this book in 2004.

Brighton Rock Characters:

  • Pinkie Brown.
  • Rose
  • Spicer

Brighton Rock: Graham Greene

Born: October 2, 1904

Graham Greene

Died: April 3, 1991,

Brighton Rock PDF Download:

You can get the Brighton Rock book download online for free. Once you get the Brighton Rock novel download, you will be able to enjoy a world that is much different from your own. After reading the book, you can watch the film and see the characters in action, Get more books from Helo Novels.

A Song of Ice and Fire PDF Download & Read Online

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A Song of Ice and Fire PDF:

A Song of Ice and Fire is a series of fantasy novels written by American author George R. R. Martin. He started writing the books in 1991 and the first volume was published in 1996. He says that he got his inspiration from French history novels.

A Song of Ice and Fire Novel PDF:

A Song of Ice and Fire PDF novel book download will keep you on the edge of your seat as it is a fascinating read, filled with adventure and a wonderful storyline.

A Song of Ice and Fire Characters:

  • Catelyn Stark.
  • Eddard Stark
  • Loras Tyrell
  • Jon Snow
  • Stannis Baratheon
  • Euron III Greyjoy
  • Lysa Arryn
  • Daenerys I Targaryen

A Song of Ice and Fire Summary:

A Song of Ice and Fire PDFbook summary begins thousands of years ago with the creation of the Seven Kingdoms. The book tells the fictional account of two continents named Essos and Westeros. The whole series revolves around the different families living on the continent, along with the magical beings that live beyond the huge Wall separating Westeros from the wilder side of the world. The time during which these novels are set is one where winter is approaching.

A Song of Ice and Fire book

In this fictional world, the winter can last for years and nothing grows during this season. Everyone in the Kingdom is worried as winter is approaching and the magical beings, called the White Walkers, are approaching the Seven Kingdoms to attack them. The White Walkers are dead beings who cannot be killed with any normal sword.  There are multiple storylines going on at the same time.

Born: September 20, 1948 (age 71 years)

George R. R. Martin

Died: _____

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A Song of Ice and Fire PDF:

A Song of Ice and Fire pdf download would be a must for you if you enjoyed the TV series. There is so much more in the A Song of Ice and Fire EBook than is shown in the series. You can get another book from the same series which is Fire and Blood PDF as well, Get A Song of Ice and Fire book download online in different formats.

Download Inca Gold PDF & eBook

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Inca Gold:

If you see ‘A Dirk Pitt Adventure’ on the front cover of a book, you should know that it is going to be an interesting one. Clive Cussler has written so many books telling accounts of Pitt’s adventure and every one of them is an entertaining read.

Inca Gold Novel:

Inca Gold is a novel written by Clive Cussler. It was originally published in 1994. It is the twelfth book in Pitt’s adventure series. It was published by Simon & Schuster and had about 539 pages.

Inca Gold book

Inca Gold Summary:

Inca Gold book summary begins with a fleet of ships that are sailing to an island that is present on an inland sea. This sail is quite secret and these ships hide a huge treasure on the island and then they disappear. Before they leave, they keep a stone demon on the treasure to guard it. Many years later, Sir Francis Drake finds the key to this treasure along with Inca gold, in a Spanish galleon.

This galleon is so huge that two hundred men have to carry it. It contains diamonds that are worth over 200 billion dollars and Drake’s crew wants to take it to England. However, when they are bringing the galleon back, an underwater earthquake occurs and a huge tide kills everyone except one person who tells the story of this incident.

Centuries later, some archaeologists are almost drowning but Dirk Pitt saves them as he happens to be a marine expedition. Later, Pitt finds himself in a mess that involves smugglers, customs service, and even the FBI. With the Inca Gold book download, you will not be bored at all.

Inca Gold: Clive Cussler

Born: July 15, 1931

Clive Cussler

Died: February 24, 2020

Read Online:

Inca Gold is also available on our servers, you can read it online also, Read online

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Inca Gold PDF Download:

Inca Gold novel book download will keep you busy for days. Inca Gold PDF is available online and you can get the Inca Gold eBook for reading on your way to work.

Download To kill a Mockingbird PDF & Read Online [eBook]

To kill a Mockingbird
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TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD Book: If Southern Gothic is the genre you like to read, you should definitely check out To Kill a Mocking Bird book as it is great writing of the 20th century.
To Kill a Mockingbird is a novel written by Harper Lee. It was published in 1960 and instantly became a success.

Today, it is taught in high schools and middle schools in most parts of the world. The book has won the Pulitzer Prize and is an important novel in modern America. Lee has based the book loosely on the events in her neighborhood, her family, and her neighbors. This novel deals with grave issues like racial inequality and rape. However, it still manages to be funny and warm.

To kill a Mockingbird PDF

To kill a Mockingbird PDF

To Kill a Mockingbird Summary:

The story is set in Maycomb, where Jean Louise Finch lives with her father and brother. She is the narrator of the story. The action begins when a black man named Top Robinson is accused of raping a young white woman and Jean Louise’s father, Atticus Finch, is told by the court to defend the man. During this trial, the children get a lot of ‘words to remember from their father, who is a supporter of racial equality.

Atticus proves in the court that the girl is lying and actually made sexual advances on Tom. However, the court still convicts him, given the racial inequality during that time. Tom is later shot while
he is trying to run away from prison. Other characters in the story are Boo Radley, a neighbour never seen in public, and Dill, Jean Louise’s friend. This is basically the To Kill a Mockingbird book summary.

To Kill a Mockingbird Book Explained in 2 Minutes:

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To Kill a Mockingbird Characters:

  • Atticus Finch
  • Jean Louise ‘Scout’ Finch
  • Jem Finch
  • Boo Radley
  • Dill Harris
  • Mayella Violet Ewell
  • Maudie Atkinson
  • Alexandra Hancock
  • Robert Ewell
  • Tom Robinson
  • Calpurnia

To Kill a Mockingbird Author:

Born: April 28, 1926.lee harper

Died: February 19, 2016

To Kill a Mockingbird PDFDownload:

If you want to read this amazing book, you can download it. You would probably finish it in a day as it is captivating. To Kill a Mockingbird graphic novel download will help you picture the book much better as it is set in the 60s.

The Maid PDF Free Download & Read Online

The Maid PDF

This is Nita Prose’s short-but-memorable crime novel named The Maid PDF which is such an enjoyable read and an interesting story with unexpected suspense and bite. You had never seen a ‘heartwarming’ used to describe a murder mystery before.

This book has got user ratings of 3.90 out of 5 and is currently No.3 in the Irish Times and No.10 in the New York Times. It was also placed on the German Original Fiction chart and reached No.1. We are bringing The Maid PDF Free Download with high-quality textures in all formats for a free read.

The Maid PDF Free Download

The Maid PDF Free Download

The Maid PDF Summary:

Molly a 25-year-old girl is shown as a maid at the Regency Grand Hotel and she loves her job. She adores nothing more than to return a dirty hotel room to a state of perfection. Simplicity but unfortunately, for Molly, her attention doesn’t extend to understanding social cues or knowing the complexities of relationships. That is why she is called a “weirdo” by her co-workers who don’t appreciate her boundless desire.

One afternoon, when she enters the penthouse suite at the Regency Grand hotel to return it to perfection, she finds the most prized hotel guest, Mr. Black collapsed in his bed, dead and murdered. Molly then finds herself the prime suspect in the murder and in the swirling scandal which is threatening not only her own livelihood but also the reputation of the hotel that she adores.

This Mystery Book is such a pleasure to read that most of the readers got sad when it ended. Nita Prose does a grandiose job of building this small but complete world. Even the secondary characters from the cranky landlords to the weary but sagacious hotel managers are memorable and interesting. It’s also refreshing to meet the character Douglas Adams, who just wants to make everything orderly again.

The Maid PDF Features:

  • We are bringing The Maid PDF Free Download to Novel Books PDFs with high-quality fonts
  • This book has 304 pages and got an excellent user score of 3.90 on Goodreads

Download The Maid PDF:

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The Thursday Murder Club PDF Free Download

The Thursday Murder Club PDF is an excellent piece of writing by Richard Osman, the TV presenter. The flow is polite, convivial, and reassuring. The narrator of this book takes you through all the intriguing facets. This book became a craving among people when they get to know that the writer is Richard Osman, knowledgeable, witty, erudite, amusing, and well-spoken.

This well-crafted, well-structured, full of humor novel has sphincter-clenching chapters that purport to deal with a so-called priest and nun. The comedy touch in this book is so good that you cannot help but laugh. The characters have been so well written that you easily can picture them. This book was published on 3rd September 2020. We are bringing The Thursday Murder Club PDF Free Download file to our website with high-quality fonts.

The Thursday Murder Club PDF Free Download

The Thursday Murder Club PDF Summary:

This story is about an eclectic group of 4 retired residents of Coopers Chase village that meet every Thursday and help each other in solving old murders. Sometimes Elizabeth, one of the members of the group unearths an old case file to investigate or sometimes they start with a mysterious note slipped from under the door.

But then, one-day exceptional luck hits them when a real-live, actual murder slips under the door on their laps when Tony Curran, the developer of the retirement village was being killed. Anyhow, Elizabeth discovers that Donna De Freitas, a police officer transferred from London wants to work on major crimes but her daily duties included presenting security talks around the town because this new department didn’t trust her with real police work.

In this Mystery Book, the story plot is very well-written in an uncomplicated even simplistic but mysterious style, the 377 pages split into 115 chapters. 115? Well yes, some are only a page or a half-page long making it easy to dip in and out if you have a short attention span. If you are in a mood for something uplifting or amusing as well as thought-provoking, give it a go it will not disappoint you.

The Thursday Murder Club PDF Features:

  • You can get The Thursday Murder Club PDF Free Download file with the best graphics and good quality texture
  • The book comprises 377 readable pages, filled with an excellent sequence of events with a user rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Goodreads

Download The Thursday Murder Club PDF:

You can free download The Thursday Murder Club in PDF format simply by clicking on the button below, or you can also get an ePub of this book and read it online on Free Novel Books.

The Paris Apartment PDF Free Download

An outstanding story about the fortune of an employee named April Vogt who was Sotheby’s auctioneer. April was tasked with selling the antiques and valuables that were found in that apartment which was unoccupied for 70 years. However, the past storyline revolves around Marthe de Florian, who passed away after the apartment was opened for her as its heir.

While the present storyline follows April’s quest to find the history behind the apartment’s accouterments. This novel is about the city of Paris and the author has fictionized the story of that apartment. This novel was written by Michelle Gable and set in Paris, France. It was published on April 22 of 2014 published by Thomas Dunne Books for St. Martin Press. Later, it appeared on the New York Times Best Seller list in 2016. We are bringing The Paris Apartment PDF Free Download file free to our website.

A Paris Apartment PDF Free Download

The Paris Apartment PDF Summary:

This book will take you to the streets of Paris with a charming read about a fascinating history and the women behind it. Moreover, it is a stunning and fascinating debut that will capture the interest of a wide audience.

Main events that are followed by April Vogt not only tell us about the fortune rather than that it tells us about the history of women which made the accouterments more valuable. This book was on the New York Times Best Seller list in 2016 and it was well cherished by the readers.

Mostly the reviews from the readers about the book are excellent. The author had fictionized the story in its best way and it can be read by any type of audience. Use of nudity and adult is less used in the context and no viewership is restricted. Find out more content related to Mystery Books, and can download them easily too!

The Paris Apartment PDF Features:

  • We are bringing The  Paris Apartment PDF Free Download to Novel Books PDFs with great quality and high texture fonts.
  • This book has 360 pages and got an excellent user rating of 3.71 out of 5 on Goodreads.

Download The Paris Apartment PDF:

 You can easily download The Paris Apartment eBook by just clicking on the button below. Also, get an ePub of this book and read it online.

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